Work with the Anodising Experts

Australian Aluminium Finishing has over 40 years of experience finishing anodised and powder coated facades in Australia and internationally. With plants in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, AAF have led advancements in anodising technology, process controls and have won awards for projects in the unique colours and lustres in their Evershield® architectural range

We want to make it easier for you to achieve a consistent finish for your project, so we’ve launched Anodised Facade Management (afm) to help you achieve outstanding results in line with the Australian Anodising Standard.

Thanks to the new afm solution, we’re here for you from start to finishing.

What is AFM?

Over the years AAF have developed & refined their expertise to achieve ever more dependable solutions in anodising for façade projects.

For this reason, afm has been created to provide an integrated package to manage and simplify the completion of anodised architectural facades. From navigating the supply chain, to achieving outstanding finishes, this full-service offering promises to simplify and the sometimes complex process.

afm takes responsibility and simplifies the process and the outcome.

The Anodising Process

Consistent aluminium sheet rolling mill

Evershield high grade anodising process control

Growing selection of lustres and colours

Application to the finished project

Why has AAF launched afm?

All quality finishing needs appropriate pre-treatment and preparation. The anodising process will highlight inconsistencies in the initial choice of base metal aluminium substrate can lead to frustrations in the final appearance through the supply chain. To deliver consistent high-quality finishes, the whole process is better managed from beginning to end.

afm will ensure AAF’s experience and technical support is available from the outset and in a position to take responsibility for the specified anodised finish.

afm addresses the myth that variances in the quality sheet is a function of price. afm will provide purchasing guidance for fabricators or sell directly from its own stock to fabricators as needed.

Why is the choice of substrate important for anodising?

Anodising is a translucent finish and the incredible durability and metallic lustres occur because the anodising process is a transformation of the aluminium substrate itself.

Unlike powder coatings and other organic coatings, which will erode over time, anodising offers hardness, edge-protection, lustres and more – explored in length in the Anodising White Paper.

For this reason, the quality and consistency of the alloy substrate is an essential element in the process, particularly for panels/sheet facades where a higher degree of uniformity is an important factor.

How can something as simple as sourcing the right substrate be so complex?

While the solution is simple, there are many complexities in the supply chain that can compound issues. From original specification to final facade delivery, some of the challenges we’ve navigated include:

  • The aluminium sheet manufacturing industry that once thrived in Australia no longer exists onshore. This means that sheet distributors now source products from a host of world-wide sources with mixed results.
  • Without decades of technical experience, it is difficult for general industry suppliers to assess the sheet products that claim to be Anodised Quality (AQ).
  • There can be a real lack of knowledge from suppliers about the anodising process. In many cases, the industry is simply not aware of the requirements of the Australian Anodising Standards’ recommendations.

Why is afm so compatible with the Australian Anodising Standard?

We pride ourselves on our best-practice approach to anodising in line with Australian Standard AS1231-2000. afm simplifies the process for our customers to know the Australian Standard recommendations are complied with.

afm provides a mechanism to require “Cooperation between the metal supplier, the anodiser and the purchaser is necessary.” (Appendix B and G)

afm takes responsibility and simplifies the process and the outcome

How does afm make it easy?

AAF has the experience and technical resources to quickly test and confirm suitable substrate, right from the outset.

In addition to substrate selection, our full-service solution will harnesses hi-tech colour consistency tools to deliver outstanding anodising process control, as well as offering you access to a great range of our patented Evershield® colours and lustres.

How is this service offered free of charge?

The afm service is free, but this is not a giveaway. A smooth trouble-free delivery from the get-go – in line with our strict anodising processes – saves everyone involved time, money and effort.

AAF Evershield anodising finish,with its growing range of lustres and colours, also offers great value compared with warranty grade powder coat finishes. It’s another opportunity to ensure outstanding durability and natural brilliance for your project.

How do I specify “Anodised Façade Management”?

afm process provides the total package for the delivery of high grade anodised facades without disruption or delays. The service has been designed primarily for panel/sheet facades but is recommended in all anodising specifications.

If you’re keen to make use of this free service, here are some things to note:

  • AFM will need to be incorporated into the original anodising specification at the time of specifying finishes from the Evershield anodised range of colours and lustres. Refer afm specification sheet attached.
  • AAF will then work with the fabricator or builder from the outset (before substrate purchase commitments have been made) to verify source the correct aluminium substrate, at suitable pricing, for the project.
  • AAF will also provide purchase options from our wide range of correct anodised substrate sheet, sourcing from our reliable and affordable partners.

Anodising – The Environment and Fire Hazards

As well as the features outlined in the Anodising White Paper it should be noted that anodising is 100% recyclable, and non-flammable.

By contrast, powdercoated/painted finishes are petrochemical based products, creating impurities in the recycling process, and with advanced chemistry required to minimise fire ratings.