Which finish is right for your project?

Choose a finish that provides the “look” you want, that is also suitable for the local environmental conditions as well as being able to deliver the performance over the expected lifetime of your project.

Why Choose Higher Grade Options?

  1. Finish is able to perform better in that environment.
  2. Provides a new looking finish for much longer.
  3. Provide best long term value for money.
  4. Higher grades pigments & resins used (powder).

Do some colours provide better appearance than others?

Yes. Powder coated products, upon handling in fabrication, installation & ultimate use; any scuffs, marks, dust, or even minute imperfections in the base metal may appear on your final product.

Generally, to diminish rather than magnify the appearance of any imperfections, choose;

  • A Lighter rather than Darker shade of colour
  • A lustre that is Low Sheen or Matt rather than a Gloss finish eg:
    • Off White Low Sheen = Less Noticeable
    • Gloss Black = More Noticeable

Is there a range of colours that make the selection of Powder Coat colours a whole lot easier?

Bearing the above in mind, the colour selections offered in the Colorbond® Low Sheen range of colours are an ideal choice for Residential & Commercial Building Projects. These popular colours are widely used in the building industry, so ability to ‘mix ‘n match’ becomes so easy! Yet the selection is distinctive enough to provide a generous palette of colours to compliment the final appeal of your product and project.

Are there other things I should be looking out for?

Yes, it’s a good idea that you ensure that;

  1. The correct finish is specified for your product / project
  2. Any cut-ends and drilled/punched holes are appropriately sealed in fabrication
  3. Design/fabrication provides appropriate drainage
  4. On site, finished aluminium products have appropriate preventative protective films
  5. Avoid use of harmful agents; solvent, cleaners, degreasers, cement, mortar, alcohol, petrol, diesel, caustic and alkaline materials or any other harmful agents.
  6. Care and maintenance at regular intervals

Is the quality of the aluminium also important?

Yes, this can be particularly important when it comes to Bright Finish Anodising.