Requirements for Initiating an MTO powder order

  • Signed AAF finishing quote, accompanied by;
  • An authorised Purchase Order with reference to the AAF Quote number
  • Signed approved colour swatch
  • A deposit is required & this will be specified on your finishing quote.

Minimum batch sizes

  • Interpon Powders: 20kg (Matt, Satin & Gloss)
  • Dulux Powders:  Gloss & Satin = 50kg, Matt = 80kg

Lead-time for MTO Powder manufacture

  • Around 10-14 work days for batches from 20kg to 200kg (Interpon only)
  • Larger batches typically require 2-4 week lead-time.

Colour Matching / Closeness

  • MTO powders are the closest match to the specified colour in the nominated powder grade & are subject to paint manufacturer approval.
  • Metallic/Pearlescent samples may vary in appearance to AAF plant applied production items. This can arise due to the use of different application equipment by the Powder manufacturer, to produce their “Lab coated” samples.


  • AAF is not responsible for any additional costs or lead-time (including MTO minimum batches) resulting from powder requirements for the quantity you have specified.
  • Deposit for MTO powders will be credited back, pro-rata against your specified project volume/value, once your project is complete.
  • The amount of powder required for your job will be calculated by AAF when we produce a finishing quote. There are many factors which impact powder mileage & we are best at making those determinations based on the information provided to us of your project.