AAF Logistics. We manage everything.

At AAF, our logistics service is designed to make life easy and cost effective for you. Our integrated offer means we focus on managing the whole process of delivering fast, high quality finished aluminium with significant cost savings for your project.

The cost benefits of using AAF logistic services are many. We can reduce overhead costs and labour costs, reduce shipping costs by sending truckload quantities as well as reduce transport costs with drop-off and pick-up routines avoiding empty loads.

We also offer 20 years experience in aluminium extrusion logistics, so we can ensure you get the best value for money from suppliers. Being independent we can help you best serve your clients by keeping suppliers ‘on their toes’ for prices and service.

Here are the services AAF Logistics can offer for your next project:

  • We can manage your extruded aluminium stock by financing, ordering or controlling the physical management of your inventory.
  • We can seamlessly integrate your finishing orders with stock control in real time.
  • We can improve your customer service by having stock close to the finishing process.

AAF Logistics Industry services can also provide:

  • Shower screens & wardrobe manufacturers
  • Picture frame and display frame fabricators
  • Commercial and industrial curtain wall manufacturers
  • Architectural window & door manufacturers
  • Other product fabricators using extruded aluminium

AAF’s Physical Inventory Warehouse’s provide:

  • Storage facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • Up to date equipment specially designed to handle long length extrusions and minimize damage
  • Stock accountability through regular cycle counts and stock takes
  • FIFO picking to maintain good stock quality

AAF Logistics Management Information System enables:

  • Access your stock information in real time through a secured password web interface
  • Directly placing your finishing orders into our system
  • Access to reports and analysis that offer you insights on improving service to your customers