Sprayers & Pens have finally arrived – Imported from Europe!

The sprayers are ideal for small areas, whereas pens are best for patching small scratches and colouring mitre cuts on anodised surfaces. For both options, the paint is based on a high-quality acrylic enamel formulation.

Both sprayers and pens are available in the 6 European Standard Anodized Colours: C0 (natural), C31, C32, C33, C34 and C35 (champagne, light bronze to black). These colours may be different to what you need, so make sure to test before using.

The finish is also designed to provide the typical metallic lustre of an anodised finish.


ALFICOLOR sprayers, contents 150 ml: $40 +GST.
ALFICOLOR repair pens, contents 12 ml: $20 +GST