The Terra Rossa Collection

Australia's First Copper Anodised Aluminium Range

Introducing our new Terra Rossa aluminium anodising colours!

This range of 8 unique colours is the first of its kind in Australia. The copper finish is created using inorganic copper compounds to produce characteristics of true metal colouring, making it the most durable copper anodised aluminium available. As we advance our innovation and develop our anodising processes, AAF continues to be the leader in anodised aluminium finishes nationwide.

Illustro Range

Matt Range

*Actual colours may vary from the images shown

From the Latin term for red soil

Terra Rossa was inspired by the earthy colours of the Coonawarra region in South Australia. Using a true metal colouring process, inorganic copper compounds electrolytically colour the anodised aluminium, bringing natural Australian and architectural beauty together.

A timeless colour scheme of copper hues, paired with robust anodised aluminium, the Terra Rossa range combines beauty and durability, making it the perfect finish for every architectural, building and interior design project.

This exclusive copper anodised aluminium finish offers our customers the look of rich, authentic copper without natural limitations – over time you won’t see any salt run-off stains, discolouration or patina.

AAF’s aluminium anodising colour process leaves the copper colour stable and consistent, making the selection process an easy one. Now, architects and designers no longer need to worry about the design complexities and maintenance concerns when choosing a copper finish.

Benefits of The Terra Rossa Collection


Our copper aluminium anodising colours retain hardness and durability


No patina. Excellent corrosion resistance.


25-year Evershield warranty available and 30 year coastal warranty on application


Anodised aluminium with the beauty of real copper


Colour stability. No colour fade even when exposed to high UV light


Anodising finish for architectural aluminium outlasts almost any other finish available


We can anodise aluminium extrusions, flat sheets and fabricated aluminium


Uniform surface with authentic metallic sheen, lustre and feel.


Our processes use non-hazardous materials and do not produce dangerous by-products


Protects the structural integrity of the aluminium.
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