Purchasing the right sheet for anodised façades.
Made easy, time-efficient and affordable.

AAF Evershield® takes responsibility and simplifies the anodised façade process for a great outcome and a superior finish

With over 40 years of experience, AAF understands that all quality finishing needs appropriate pre-treatment and preparation. When done right, the initial alloy substrate and sheet selection will provide consistent shading and colour on the final façade appearance. For this reason, we have proudly introduced Evershield® AQ Sheet.

Evershield® AQ Sheet is a smarter, full-service solution to make sure that the right sheet product is purchased for anodised façades, especially where sheets are specified, and uniformity of finish is a significant factor.

Upon clients’ request, AAF Evershield® sheet team will provide technical help and control the finish specification from beginning to end. With Evershield® AQ Sheet, your project’s façades are more consistent, affordable and superior aluminium finishes.

Australia no longer manufactures coil suitable for facades and coil/sheet is all imported with varying quality standards. Selecting the right anodised quality coil at the outset produces great anodising results.

“Under strict specification requirements photo-spectrometer testing was used on 7,000 anodised panels for the podium level of the Shanghai World Financial Centre, the highest structure in China at that time. Contractor Permasteelisa, and anodised by AAF in their Sydney plant”.


Consistent shading for façade sheet finishes

Utilising Evershield® High Grade anodising, we ensure consistent shading for anodised façades through strict processing controls and specialised spectrophotometric equipment to measure shade and colour.

Superior depth of appearance of metallic finish

Evershield® AQ Sheet sorts out the perfect alloy substrate and sheet from the outset, so that the following anodising process can maintain the beauty and natural metallic lustre of aluminium while reinforcing its natural ability to withstand the elements.

Economical pricing plus free pre-purchase service

With direct access to various sheet suppliers and mills, AAF keeps the price of genuine AQ sheet to a minimum. If preferred by the fabricator, we will also provide a free pre-purchase service to test and assess claims of suitable quality sheet (AQ).

More readily available in Australia for shorter lead time

Thanks to the partnerships with our suppliers, there are now stocks of sheet in Australia, and some coil is at the ready offshore. However, for significant sized projects the best prices and deliveries are obtained if ordered several months in advance.

“The world’s first Audi ‘Terminal’ was completed in 2008 at Five Dock in Sydney. The Evershield High Grade anodising – Diamond Light – looking exactly the same today with its outstanding metallic qualities”.
“AAF testing of 32 panels from different Evershield sheet batch samples”
“Sovereign Gold production for a new facility in the Sydney West Connex project”.


Evershield® AQ Sheet is included in the original anodising specification for Evershield® anodised range of colours and lustres.

AAF Evershield® sheet team provide the fabricator with aluminium sheet purchase options from reliable and affordable partners.

If the fabricator prefers to directly source AQ sheet, AAF will help test and verify batches and samples to ensure correct aluminium substrate.

For larger projects, fabricators are advised to contact AAF more than 4 months in advance to assess availability, pricing options and time to order.


Evershield® AQ Sheet anodised façades are zero fire rating and 100% recyclable.

Evershield® AQ Sheet pre-order process complies with the recommendations of Australian Standard AS1231-2000, appendix B & G.

Evershield® Award Winning anodised finishes: Fenestration Australia 2015; 2016; 2017.

Third Party Audited & Licenced for “AnoAudit” Anodising Accreditation.