What is anodising?

Anodising is an electro-chemical treatment of the aluminium resulting in a hard durable finish that maintains the beauty and natural metallic lustre of aluminium while reinforcing its natural ability to withstand the elements. Anodising is an integral finish, that cannot flake, peel or blister.

Why choose AAF anodising?

Developing a world-class anodising process has been our passion for over 40 years. Based on best practices from around the world, our industry-leading anodising process, Evershield®, is designed to stand the test of time with warranties of up to 30 years. Evershield® is now seen on some of Australia’s most iconic buildings, including the Sydney Cricket Ground and Federation Square in Melbourne.

We have facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, offering aluminium anodising in a range of colours and finishes to fit any project.

Evershield® for a brilliant, lasting finish

As a result of controlling treatment to our explicit conditions, our Evershield anodising finish achieves exceptional hardness and durability, exceeding the AAMA 611 and AS1231 performance standards. Further in employing ‘True Metal’  colouring’ colouring, our Evershield® finishes deliver extreme UV resistance. These factors deliver the performance backbone to Evershield and is why we are so confident in providing industry leading performance warranties for your project.

Evershield® Coastal for ultimate durability

When it comes to projects that are located in saltwater environments, anodising is the industry choice for ease of maintenance and durability. Our Evershield® Coastal anodise finish takes this to another level by engineering an even harder, denser and more durable anodising finish. With specific process parameters, Evershield® Coastal gives exterior applications the ultimate in durability backed up by a 30 year performance warranty. 

AAF colour consistency

State of the art colour measuring equipment introduced to Australia by AAF has now become an industry standard. Unique to AAF (not standard).

Achieving colour consistency is an important objective for all modern building projects. AAF employs the use of Spectrophotometers in all our plants to accurately measure and manage the anodise finish.

AAF colour collections

  • AAF Evershield®: High grade anodising offers an inspiring range of colours and lustres for a brilliant finish to any project.
  • Cosmic Collection: A unique and popular range in Australia, Cosmic offers the appearance of light to medium grey metals and a stainless steel look.
  • Gold Collection: We specialise in gold finishes both internally and externally.
  • Illustro Finishes: Exclusive new series that subtly reflects the changing light conditions.
  • Matt: The traditional sophisticated matt lustre (10% Gloss).
  • Bright: A brilliant finish that makes your product stand proud (80% Gloss).
  • Illustro: Best of both, this hybrid provides an elegant look & feel (30% Gloss)


Anodised Touch-up Now Available

Anodised touch-up sprays and pens now available.