The long overdue solution for combustible cladding in the ACT

The cost of insuring properties in Canberra with combustible cladding materials has gone through the roof, with many premiums increasing by up to a stunning 100 per cent during the past 12 months, according to a recent article on RiotACT.

Non-conforming aluminium composite panels used for exterior cladding continue to be a pain point for apartment building owners in the ACT as they struggle to gain insurance with ever increasing premiums. Some are even forced to replace cladding in order to gain appropriate insurance.

Allinsure managing director Peter Chamberlain says “for strata owners in the unfortunate position of living in a building with ACP or other non-compliant building materials on them, gaining insurance is proving extremely difficult, and in some cases commercially unsustainable. It’s not uncommon for insurance premiums to have increased by 30 to 100 per cent during the past 12 months.”

It may be difficult for both apartment building owners and insurance companies to identify combustible cladding visually because it can look like rendered brick or concrete.

More and more experts and industry leaders are now calling the ACT government to follow the lead of other states and put in place supporting programs for building owners for approved works such as professional design, materials and rectification works.

The ACT in specific and Australia in general is in urgent need of conforming cladding solutions.

EverShield® AQ Sheet – a fire-safe solution for cladding

With over 40 years of experience, AAF understands that with appropriate pre-treatment and preparation, exterior cladding and finishing could be fire-safe, fit-for-purpose, compliant while staying aesthetic and economical. That’s why we have introduced the innovative EverShield® AQ Sheet – a smarter, full-service solution for anodised façades.

Utilising EverShield® high grade anodising, we ensure anodised aluminium finishes are non-combustible and have the appropriate fire testing. Not to mention the cladding is 100% recyclable. EverShield® high grade finishes achieve an exceptional hardness and durability that exceed both the AAMA 611 and AS1231-2000 performance standards. AAF are also proud to be accredited through The Australasian Institute of Surface Finishing (AISF). The “AnoAudit” accreditation reassures builders and fabricators that specified EverShield® finishes are fully compliant, non-flammable and of best practices for exterior cladding in the ACT as well as across the country.